Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ADS nonlethal weapons crimes: (1pg)

ADS nonlethal weapons crimes: (1pg)
Nonlethal microwave weapons similar to the active denial system (ADS) are being used to attack people on a government hit list. The majority of the targets of these nonlethal microwave weapons are political activists and whistleblowers. Rather than a small scale operation by a few bad apples armed with simple weapons this illegal operation is a large scale program run by the leaders of military intelligence (INSCOM) armed with revolutionary weapons that make other weapons obsolete. These weapons are a revolution in military affairs that are able to torture and assassinate anyone anywhere and make it look like a normal death due to illness or heart attack. This revolutionary capability confers plausible deniability upon the criminals and is thus the perfect crime. Many of the targets are tortured relentlessly until in despair they commit suicide. This program may be hiding in plain sight disguised as a law and order program or an anti-terror program designed to keep us safe. It is instead a crime against humanity targeting innocent men, women and children who are defenseless against the latest high tech weapons coming out of the DOD weapons labs. Historically the intelligence agencies waged a secret counterinsurgency war against loyal political activists called Cointelpro (counter intelligence program) that was investigated in the 1970's. Government human experimentation for weapons development programs and behavior modification programs have used half a million Americans without their consent since 1945 according to a government accounting office (GAO) report. Project MKULTRA that took place in 80 institutions over decades and the current secret program I call MONARCH that evolved out of MKULTRA is equally ambitious. The previous illegal government programs remained secret for many years and the perpetrators got away with it. These types of illegal government programs apparently never ended. The current illegal nonlethal weapons development program has turned political activists into human guinea pigs so it accomplishes the goals of Cointelpro and MKULTRA and other programs all in one package using the strategy of force multiplication. The proof is in the existence of public nonlethal microwave weapons, the work of nonlethal weapons scientists, hundreds of credible witnesses, similar historical patterns of criminal behavior, and persons of interest such as Lt Col J. B. Alexander and Michael Aquino who should be investigated. The persons of interest have been in charge of developing these anti-personnel weapons for the Army, writing military doctrine papers and books about how to use the weapons, and helping move the classified weapons into the hands of local law enforcement to use against domestic enemies. The document on my blog titled ONE HOUR TALK and the book and films titled, MONARCH: The New Phoenix Program, supply ample proof and careful citation of sources. The sources include government documents, scientific and military papers, and authoritative books. Please educate yourself using the free book and films, support the victims of this undeclared war, and join a united front against those without conscience who would use these weapons on innocent citizens. If the perpetrators at INSCOM are able to evade justice then there is a greater danger than the continued torture of political activists and whistleblowers. The revolutionary new weapons threaten to overwhelm the constitutional centers of power and determine the fate of future generations.
Marshall Gregory Thomas

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