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Five reforms: initial short term goals:

Five reforms: initial short term goals:
1. Disarm and decommission ALL electromagnetic weapons systems; confiscate and make public photos and videos of all the various weapons systems and their capabilities. (immediately) Account for every single electromagnetic weapon in existence and every weapon dispersed for operations or in the possession of the US military, including all weapons manufactured and dispersed outside the US. Many microwave weapons are small scale portable devices though some weapons are large scale antennae systems or directional radars such as the Project Sanguine antennae or perhaps the HAARP arrays. ALL of these systems must be decommissioned at once including the control systems such as ground stations and computer resources used for illegal operations.
2. Open all records and archives; all government, corporate, scientific, and military records dealing with the development of the programs, the training, weapons development, private contractors, program directors, political leadership, military leaders and complete history including employee pay and all the names of the targets of the program and their complete surveillance files shall be made public. The archives are key to telling the truth about the scale of illegal operations and the key to successful reform, which will be the true measure of victory. If these records have been destroyed then ELF technology may be used to interrogate the perpetrators to reconstruct the scope of the program. The NSA Act of 1947 is being used to shield illegal operations and may be repealed. Particular importance should be placed upon identifying outside influence that directed illegal operations across different administrations and over the course of several generations.
3. Establish a truth and reconciliation commission (TRC) in Washington D.C. for targets to speak and be heard and broadcast worldwide as well as testimony from low level perpetrators. The TRC will establish satellite operations in twelve major cities composed of the city council. (Seattle, Washington; San Francisco and San Diego, California; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Chicago, Illinois; Kansas City, Kansas; Austin, Texas; Bangor, Maine; New York City; Charleston, South Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia; Miami, Florida). Complete testimony (as lengthy as the victim wishes) from all who wish to speak will be recorded (written and filmed) and placed in a comprehensive archive with the goal of recording every victim and every perpetrator. The TRC and city councils will review all statements submitted and choose the most compelling or knowledgeable victims and perpetrators to hear and question. Formal verbal testimony before the TRC will begin with a 1-2 page, 5-10 minute statement read by the victim followed by questions from the TRC. The main TRC in Washington D.C. will be composed of the House and Senate Armed Services Committees. A council of targeted individuals (TI’s) will act as a check against fraudulent victim testimony and fraudulent TRC members before their testimony is broadcast or subsequent to the beginning of the hearings. They will have the right by majority decision to reject those they consider false victims or unacceptable members of the various TRC’s. This TI council will be composed of the following persons. Massie Monroe, Terrence D’souza, Lynn Troxel, Ramona Ayalla, Dr. Robert Duncan, Helen Anderson, Cheryl Welch, Blanche Chauviste, Gloria Naylor, Dr. Raunie Kilde, Derrick Robinson, Aaron Avalos, Gina Romano, John McMurtry, Jonathon Henderson, Timmothy White. First the TRC’s will be briefed by the TI council with a standard written brief and written guidelines, second the written and filmed testimony of TI’s and perpetrators will begin, third the council of TI’s will review the testimony and reject testimony from anyone they find suspicious or objectionable. Finally the victims and perpetrators will testify on live broadcast before the TRC’s. The TI council may reject any TRC member at any time by majority vote. Perpetrator testimony is not a grant of immunity from any criminal act and no high level perpetrators will be given this public forum for the reason of avoiding accidental immunity in criminal trials. Criminal prosecutions will refer to the sentencing guidelines. The war crimes are taking place in many countries so the capital city of each country will hold simultaneous TRC hearings. In Europe the main TRC will be formed within the European Parliament. Nuremberg tribunals (civilian criminal trials) will try ALL high level perpetrator felons in both national and international settings representing all countries involved. The US Supreme Court will choose the national tribunal composed of civilian judges; The Hague will be the international court. The jurists for a national trial of major perpetrators will be chosen by the highest court in each country. At least one major perpetrator shall be sent to the Hague from each country. Use of fMRI, lie detectors, and ELF technology debriefings will be admitted as evidence due to the destruction of other physical evidence. All proceedings will be public and all documents and video will be posted to the internet and to a permanent public archive.
4. Convene an international conference at the UN to ban all electromagnetic weapons with public and private verification systems because we cannot accept the word of the government that this secret dirty war is over. A major remedy for social justice and to aid detection is international funding for a crash program to develop bioelectric medicine for potentially phenomenal treatments. This initiative aids in the detection of extremely low frequency ELF microwave signals and bioelectric medicine will be integral to the humanitarian program of the new Marshall Plan. These microwave weapons should be banned as an insidious and inexpensive means of total war. Inextricably bound to this concept is the weaponization of space, currently illegal under international treaty.
5. An international bill of rights that is enforceable such that the state cannot crush political activists with impunity. Leaders of nation states shall be held personally responsible before the entire world for the protection of the rights of all people to publicly dissent and engage in peaceful political activity and to promote democratic change and reforms in all nations. Immediate release of all political prisoners to clear the slate and end the secret dirty war on political activists.

Organizational Development and Long Range Planning: ONE: STAFF: The staff creation will reach milestones at 100 days (1-2) and 180 days (3-5). War Room; press liaison, public relations, video production for TV and internet (1) Production and Accounting; sales of books and films, manufacture, distribution, accounting (2) Planning and Organizational Development; (3) Political Liaison; (4) Science initiatives (5) TWO: Organizational Development; partnerships with triads: Government/NGO/Corporate. Year one; flagship projects proposed & accepted; location chosen; initiative begins. THREE: Political initiatives: Four Goals: End the war, 28th Amendment, Security treaty, Marshall Plan. The progress of initiatives is measured in years and decades. FOUR: Technological Goals; Communications, Medicine, Energy The staff will consist of four distinct sections, war room for PR, Production and accounting for revenue, planning and organizational development for coordinating between triad of govt/NGO/corp and how these triads work on political and technological goals. The political liaison staff will drive the political initiatives (4) forward, and scientific staff will husband the technology projects (3). There should be a fourth component of staff that integrates all the components such that they work together and interrelate, example: the science initiative will be a triad of govt/NGO/corp that shares money from production and funds bioelectric medicine to develop medical breakthroughs, these are then used to enhance the Marshall Plan. The war room uses the success to generate PR, goodwill, and raises funds for more research. The time frame for bringing all the components online is one year, their number is the order of their creation. Battle Plan: week of 4/22/13 Roll out scenario to take place on the 4th week of the month. Failing the order to roll out, this operation will proceed automatically on 04/25/2013. ONE: Whistleblower Rollout 04/22/13 The Whistleblower comes forward with news and evidence of crimes against humanity. The strategy of publicity may or may not succeed. If the whistleblower is quickly neutralized, the next stage begins that weekend. If the whistleblower rolls out successfully but does not succeed in proving the case in the public domain, the next step will proceed May 5th. Protesters may volunteer at this stage. TWO: Mass Protest 05/05/13 Mass demonstrations against (704th MI Brigade) begin at a predetermined time in many different locations. Protestors shall surround the units involved. The initial purported reason for protesting may take a different form, such as protests against economic conditions and social policies. Protestors should wear white and display white banners and flags. The protests will proceed for a set period (until the weekend of the 13th of the following month). The protest will demand the 704th MI Brigade stand down and the officers be replaced by the President. If success is not achieved in a reasonable time period, the next stage begins. Optional part two of the mass protest strategy is to withhold all transfer payments to the Federal Government including income taxes (04/15/13) and sales taxes (04/31/13) for a minimum of 2-3 years until collapse of the military formations engaged in hostilities. Instigate home rule at the state level. This strategy is designed to force the government to end all support of the 704th MI Brigade and related units, including salary and infrastructure such as Ft. Meade, particularly the headquarters unit. THREE: Kill or Capture: week of 7/14/13 A Special Forces kill or capture operation focusing on the commanding officer and large scale military envelopment of the 704th MI Brigade by designated forces. This operation can only go forward upon orders of the President who will give nonverbal assent to the Director of the DOD, who will then give the verbal order to commence hostilities. (Call sign: “OBL, Osama Bin Ladin”). If perpetrators respond by using mass attacks, the next stage begins immediately. During stage three, limited missile attacks should be directed at the infrastructure supporting the offensive capabilities of the units involved without causing casualties among personnel. This includes communications complexes and satellites. FOUR: Missile Strike: Upon initiation of a mass attack using WMD by the perpetrators. The President shall give nonverbal assent to the Secretary of Defense and the signal shall proceed as before, “OBL, Osama Bin Ladin Four”. The main targets designated previously are attacked with strategic conventional weapons (missiles) in order to halt mass attacks on civilians and military formations. Since hostile forces possess military technology uniquely suited to attacking command and control it is essential that units in the field take the initiative and determine how best to proceed in battle without depending solely upon political or military command to dictate sequential actions. The units involved and their targets have been designated. Effort to Avert Conflict: The dates are deadlines to take the offers. A new CO and Exec will be appointed the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Roll Out scenario: Whistleblower goes public: send the crews to me, use skype, local affiliates, less travel is better, pre-recorded is better. Avoid hit pieces by editorial feedback contract, show me product so I can rebuttal prior to air. Trust no one. I can kill the piece prior to print or broadcast contract. Not editorial control. Interviews on all networks and Sunday morning talk shows (the full Ginzburg). Entertainment shows late night tv on all networks, prepared recorded skits, not live generally, recorded songs. Write good humor. Story line: apology, forgiveness, serious issues, humor, debunk smear (with humor), music, playful Revelations: 5 aspects ONE: The past is prologue, examples of a similar past: learning about human guinea pigs and the war on activists. Criminal military leaders of the past. TWO: The suspicious present, borderline personalities, their careers, statements, connections, cover up. THREE: People in power, high crimes and misdemeanors, how the rules were bent and laws broken. FOUR: The truth about technology, creeping realizations of the creepy kind, mosaic of what is possible. FIVE: It might be true, it could be true, good chance it is true, It’s all true, process and 4 stages of proof. Revelations should be brought out by multiple parties (4+) at the same time, the wire services that feed all major networks, the spectrum of print media emerges with stories simultaneously, the internet blogs and social media drive stories into the open via mass distribution, foreign press and sources cross pollenate to US press, safety in numbers, people in the public eye, veracity, gravitas, sources. ONE: Repeat existing stories about past crimes of MKULTRA, Cointelpro, human guinea pigs, crimes of not just CIA etc but of foreign intelligence services and militaries during and after the Cold War. TWO: Run past interviews that feature perps and examine the psyop cover stories a la remote viewing. Borderline personalities and their professional links guilt by association. Begin in depth stories on systematic abuse by intelligence agencies a la the Finders and Aquino, link weapons development to the cover up. Reveal the link between using goats for nonlethal weapons experiments and movie. THREE: Criminality in office, fiscal crimes, abuse of power by overreach, reading all emails etc, misuse of government funds, overstaying tenure, industrial espionage, lying to Congress, other transgressions. FOUR: Rerun existing shows on existing and near term technology, slow strip tease on unclassified and classified operations and methods and technology. Interviews with scientists and insiders. Demonstrations of weapons and how they can be used and not detected. Past use to attack in USSR. FIVE: The pace to maintain safety from mass attack. The glide path to landing. 100 days or 200 days or 300 days? Birth, nine months from start to finish. If the process is endangered by going too slow then cut the process to 6 months, emergency go to 100 days, final proof should be government documents. Rules for force protection: Safety in numbers, simultaneous actions in media to inform public Rules under threat: Third time’s the charm: delay once, twice, then deliver the goods. Loose it, but don’t destroy it: misplace electronic data, documents, later to be found or replaced. I know nothing: plead ignorance, uncertainty, do no harm. Go slow: delay, delay, it’s coming, it gets there eventually. Rules for resistance: Sabotage infrastructure: break it, cut it off, attack inanimate objects, hardware, software, money, utilities, information flow, Sick out: stay home, protest, slow the wheels, Civil disobedience: force political figures to act through direct pressure, demonstrations, tax revolt. Encirclement: cut off the physical movement at Fort Meade headquarters etc. through mass action. Rules for enemy forces: Go slow: 3 days to accomplish one day’s work. Head East: Go in the wrong direction. Too many variables: wealth of too much data. The Third Man: Person unknown, mis-identification Erase, Delete, Hide: lost data Sick out: Stay home Sabotage: infrastructure break down, computer viruses, hardware failures Leaks: Damaging information made available to go public, personnel crimes, organizational crimes small and large, financial data, personal data.

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