Friday, April 30, 2010

How To Use This Blog:

How to Use This Blog:

The first ten numbered documents are those you should concentrate upon. I have written many blogs and to make the material more concise I have made ten basic documents to focus on to save you the trouble of reading the lengthy ones. The longest of the ten is 7 pages and most are 1-2 pages. The blogs that follow fill in more detail and afterwards are documents that are sources of evidence such as government, military, and scientific documents. The book contains footnotes and bibliography of sources as well. Please copy all the documents you wish and the LINKS to various websites that will show the documentary films for free and where the books and songs can be found free of charge as well. If you wish to buy a hard copy of the films, books, songs to support the victims then please accept my thanks on their behalf. I promise to use open accounting of all funds for their support. thank you and God Bless
Marshall Gregory Thomas

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