Monday, May 24, 2010

Errors and Omissions

Error and omissions in the books and films:
The first edition of the book was completed without an editor and contains many spelling errors due to missing spell check software in WORDPAD. In addition there are errors such as the incorrect name for one of the world's best tennis players who died while being injected with experimental drugs under MKULTRA. Army intelligence officer Lt Col Michael Aquino is referred to as NSA General Aquino and his cult is The Temple of Set and not the Church of Set. Some nonlethal weapons experts scientists names have been misspelled. The book jacket states that the editor "developed a novel drug" to treat antibiotic resistant Yersinia Pestis while it should say the editor "worked towards developing". The work consumed several years but the grant was not funded and in the end the drug was not produced. These errors and omissions have been largely corrected in the second edition after an editor was employed. The first edition is still for sale and has not been corrected due to the cost of replacement ($500). All the errors are not crucial to the overall message about nonlethal weapons crimes against humanity. The authors whose work has been used have been given credit in footnotes and in the bibliography. There have been some omissions to this list of authors cited but these will be corrected and given public credit when the names are brought to the editor's attention. Errors in the films are also due to such factors as a lack of an editor due to financial constraints. There are more than 200 short films and more than four full length documentary films in the public domain. The editor has not gone back to correct the early films but has instead created new films that are corrected versions of the original films. There will be references to errors in the films that have been corrected in the later editions and these errors in older films should be compared to the latest film version. This methodology is due to time and money constraints as well as the need to publish books and films quickly, even if these original versions contained errors. This haste was due in part to the gravity of the crimes and the emergency response methodology dictated by such a terrible state of affairs that includes torture of women and children. These small scale errors do not compromise the basic premise and factual basis of the charges of criminal activity by INSCOM and others. Please do not allow spelling errors and errors of rank or the correct name of a satanic cult stop the quest for justice.
There is a strong possibility that the perpetrators will be able to alter the books, films, blogs, and other resources on the internet. To simplify the process of making the case for INSCOM crimes against humanity the information has been reduced to FOUR FACTS. The case narrowed to four facts includes: public examples of the weapons exist, there is a prior pattern of criminal behavior, credible witnesses who fit a profile, and persons of interest in INSCOM. This allows the case to be made in stark, simple terms, and makes it harder for the perpetrators to confuse the public by using disinformation. The subject is complex enough to fill a semester of college study and as such it is easy to sidetrack and confuse people by leading the discussion in directions that lead nowhere and using half truths, errors in logic, and out right lies. The Four Facts prove to any logical open minded person that there is a strong likelihood of criminal activity of the kind discribed.
Once again, innocent men, women, and children are being used as human guinea pigs in a weapons development program. Their terrible suffering is unimaginable and cannot be allowed to continue another day. Please concentrate on the message itself and not the flawed messenger. God bless, Marshall Gregory Thomas

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