Monday, May 24, 2010

Ordinary Person

Ordinary Person: I'm an ordinary person who has been blessed with extraordinary ability that I feel has been given to me to serve humanity. Our lives are short and uncertain. We are born, we live in fear of pain and death and experience moments of joy, but never really get answers to the important questions about life. Where did we come from, why are we here, where are we going. The uncertainty we feel in the randomness of the universe makes us search for meaning and feel as if we cannot find it. Our lives are uncertain because we will all eventually die. Everyone we know will eventually die and in time it will be as if we had never existed. This understandably fills us with dread and feelings of insignificance. Take heart for death is not the end. Take heart for life and every moment is infused with meaning. Take heart for all of life emanates from God and in time returns, like a drop of water that falls from the sky must someday return to the clouds. When we die our personality and all that we call ourselves are destroyed, cast off as we cast off our bodies and only the core being, the force that emanates from within us is indestructible. Each of us has a part of God within us. All living things are part of this force that in death is summoned back to the source, like a salmon that returns from the sea. We are not our personalities, our names, possessions, or our belief systems. We are all at our core, indestructible, eternal, destined to become a part of that infinity we call God. You seek comfort and pleasure here on earth, to avoid pain, as is natural. Perhaps instead you might come to know that which is yourself. Inner knowledge is the most difficult and rewarding. If you seek to find your way back to the source then serve the living things around you. Titles and gold are good, but like your personality and your body you must eventually cast them off. Unburden yourself not by becoming a pauper or a follower but rather by being true to your own vision of what God would have you do while you are here. To understand yourself in ways that are both frightening and painful is the path of the poet and the philosopher and not for the timid, but the rewards can be beyond calculation. Take care, this quest for self knowledge is a journey through hidden dangers. Do not immediately shun the simple life and well worn paths that call to us, for few will find their way back to the source. Not everyone can make the journey, we must live in this world, earn our bread, bear children, live lives consumed by the passions of the hour. Perhaps it is the task of a few to make the journey for the many. And so I have made the journey and returned with gifts like Gilgamesh, Beowulf, Lancelot, Prometheus, or Jack in the Bean Stalk, bearing gifts to share with people everywhere. I bring a new definition of what it means to be a human being. There are virtually no limits to our capacity for understanding. God is infinite and everywhere, not in a metaphysical sense, but in a very real sense. God is a miraculous force, real energy that stretches from one end of the universe to the other into infinity. God is not a human personality but a presence and a force that when experienced is an ecstatic vision, outside of time and space, affecting every particle of matter, holding up the very fabric of time and space. Why has this happened now, why am I here. Humanity has come to a turning point in history. Either we as human beings will change and create an earthly paradise, as well as we are able, or by default we will suffer terrible calamity and inhabit a world of misery and death. I am not so full of pride as to think that I will be able to save humanity from its urge toward self destruction but I am sure that it is my appointed task to try to overcome such a terrible fate for mother earth and all God's children. It is not written that either we shall succeed or fail but it is our task to try. And even if we fail, take heart for death is not the end.

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