Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The crisis we face:

The crisis we face:

The crisis we face together can be overcome with determination and unity of action. First pressure must be brought to bear upon our elected leaders to make them carry out the wishes of the people. We the people demand that the three leaders of military intelligence be dismissed from their positions of authority and investigated. To bring this about we are prepared to apply greater and greater pressure in the form of peaceful protests and civil disobedience. Ultimately the government cannot function without our participation and consent. Once these two perpetrators are out of the way then the battle is nearly won. Public hearings and criminal indictments will roll up the various cells and criminal groups and coordinated police and military action will take them into custody. Victory is not in doubt but it is important to draw the correct lessons from history and make sure that these crimes do not occur again. The nation has fallen prey to corruption of the political process and the misplaced power of unlimited military spending. Money drives the political process and divides the loyalty of the people's representatives. Our political representatives cannot serve two masters. We the people demand that political reforms insure the public treasury pays for the electoral process and not private industry. Once elected, representatives shall earn pay that is equal to that of their responsibilities, similar to that of a modern CEO. All non public money shall be considered bribes and any attempts at bribery or accepting of bribes shall be punished with long prison terms and no former representatives shall be employed to lobby representatives. In the wake of WWII our nation has adopted a posture of overwhelming military superiority in a hostile world. Unfortunately the nuclear arms race has used so much national wealth as to be able to purchase everything in the entire nation except for the land. This means the wealth equal to the value of every home, business, machine and personal possession has been spent in search of an elusive national security. We are no more secure today than before and the corrosive effect of unlimited military spending on increasingly destructive weapons systems and the cult of secrecy has damaged our constitutional freedom nearly to the point of no return. We can no longer afford unlimited military spending and can no longer afford to be the world's policeman. This is not a call to unilateral disarmament. Nature abhors a vacuum and there must be a collective security agreement to fill the void of a world without a military super power or the strong will take the weak and nation will turn against nation. We the people demand that a 70 nation army enforce mutually agreed upon borders and that any nation that uses force across these borders shall be confronted with the collective defense of many nations. Just as Kuwait was absorbed and then liberated by many nations so shall future aggressors be certain that the weak shall not fall to the strong. In addition, a world court shall enforce an international bill of rights and leaders who violate human rights will be sure that the law will eventually find them guilty and place them in prison. Nuclear disarmament shall proceed in a coherent three step manner so that stockpiles are reduced and then eliminated leaving only the dismantled remains of the two original nuclear powers under international supervision to be used in an emergency to halt a secret nuclear power and to gradually become no longer viable over several decades. In the interim the IAEA or similar international body shall take over the nuclear fuel supply from mining of ore, to plant design and operation, to decommissioning and storage. Standardized design of nuclear power will make the plants safer and the fuel supply unsuitable for weapons. These two initiatives, collective security and nuclear disarmament, will allow the wealth of nations to be used for purposes other than the conventional and nuclear arms race that today consumes so much of the wealth of humanity. Instead let the energy of the nation and the world focus upon a new Marshall Plan to use science to classify, decode, and preserve the natural world for future generations and to use a humanitarian program to end disease and hunger that plagues much of humanity. Renewable resources such as forestry and fishing shall be rejuvenated and divided equitably and managed responsibly to maximize biodiversity and harvests. Medical technology for the first time makes it possible to eradicate or control most endemic disease and establish a functional agricultural sector to allow people to feed themselves. This approach to security will make constant strife less likely and allow the nation to lead the world in a direction that history demands. Wars without end and unlimited military spending steal food from the mouths of the hungry and move the world closer and closer to destruction. A shift in the world paradigm allows the nation to be first among equals and fulfills a national destiny that Lincoln knew as the last best hope of the human race.

Tax Revolt: PLAN B It is equally likely that the smear campaign and cover up will succeed, in which case a secondary nonviolent option is presented below. The criminal activity by the leaders of the 704th MI Brigade includes the torture and murder of innocent civilians…innocent men, women, and children. The use of nonlethal microwave weapons against political activists and whistleblowers has expanded to include anyone they view as a potential threat in government and civil society. Currently government leaders are unable to stop the perpetrators due to the nature of the weapons systems involved. The term revolution in military affairs (RMA) is a military science term used to describe the classified anti-personnel weapons involved in these crimes against humanity. Examples of an RMA are the invention of gunpowder or the invention of nuclear weapons, technologies that make all previous weapons systems obsolete or inferior. The potential for mass casualties is so great that civilian and military leaders are unable to use force to end these criminal activities. The continuation of these programs of torture and assassination may by themselves progress to mass casualty events without any provocation by leaders attempting to stop them. The current plan to stop the perpetrators relies upon a limited number of individuals who volunteer to go public and place the subject of criminal activity by the 704th MI Brigade in the public domain, eventually leading to public sanction of the perpetrators and their ultimate arrest, or failing that, some kind of agreement between the parties to end the conflict. This strategy may not work. If the primary strategy does fail there needs to be a secondary strategy that does not rely upon military force to succeed. Military force might succeed but the price of victory could be so high that the cost in terms of lives lost and economic hardship might make the use of force unacceptable to the public at large. The use of a nonviolent strategy will cause economic hardship and dislocation; however, mass casualties may be avoided. The history of tax revolts in US history is one of moderate success. Prop 13 in California spread to other states in the US and can be used as a rough model for collective action. It should be noted that the American and French Revolutions began as tax revolts. The issue at hand is not one of reform that is to be negotiated between those who protest and their government. It must be acknowledged that reform of some corrupt systems is impossible and that those systems continue unchanged until such time as they collapse. The current federal system is such a system that is incapable of reform in the normal sense where participants submit grievances and negotiations result in substantive change. This will not happen. What is envisioned is a tax revolt of such scope (100%) and duration (2-4 years) that the federal system ceases to function. The goal is a short term collapse and reformation of the federal government, resulting in one more limited in size and scope. A two tier tax system of 20% and 35% will allow for funding a robust federal system without complex administration rules and bureaucracy. The reforms to the electoral system and process should be along the lines of the 28th Amendment (proposed). The collapse of the federal system will cause economic and emotional hardship for millions of citizens. People will be forced to live on limited means, and rely upon state, county, city, as well as family, friends and neighbors for support. This will be a time of hardship but the choices here are between continued expansion of the federal system until it becomes an authoritarian government and eventually collapses, or the tax revolt takes place until the federal system collapses partially over a period of a few years. If the tax revolt succeeds in bringing down the federal system for a short time period, then citizens will have reasserted their rights and Democracy and a Republic based upon the Constitution will still exist in a real and meaningful sense. Without these drastic actions our Republic will cease to exist and we will live in an authoritarian system that is free in name only, until such time that it collapses completely and ceases to exist forever. The choices are between bad and worse. If we collectively go broke, then we will keep our Republic. If we continue to accept government money, then we will lose our Republic and eventually the US will collapse and cease to exist. The nature and extent of damage to people and institutions will be difficult to bear, but the worst aspects can be mitigated and eased if there is coordination and cooperation among participants of the tax revolt and among states and local governments. The greatest damage to the long term economic health of the nation is the long term fate of our currency. The dollar will sustain damage but it can be kept from collapse or permanent damage. The goal is to destroy the federal bureaucracy as we know it, and to create a permanently smaller government, and in doing so we will stop criminal activity and the general trend of creeping authoritarianism. The nature of the tax revolt will not be exactly as those of the past in that this movement is not legislation based as was Prop 13, nor will there be any identifiable leaders of the resistance movement who issue day to day orders. The tax revolt will end when the 704th MI brigade and related formations involved in illegal activity collapse. This will probably take two years or longer. The publicly stated reasons (10) for taking these drastic measures are as follows: Protest to end ruinous deficit spending. States rights protest, home rule, and assertion of enumerated powers under article one, section eight and the Tenth Amendment. Suppression of small business by taxing authority and other federal bureaucracy. Federal subsidies for select Fortune 500 companies and certain industries. Federal unlimited support of corrupt banking sector and failure to reform. Military overreach, wars without end, illegal military actions, empire. Declaration of war by Executive, not the Legislative branch per the Constitution. Secret black budgets, illegal under the Constitution. Creation of permanent national security state based upon 5 million security clearances since 9/11. Imprisonment of 3 million citizens for profit, most for nonviolent offenses. Alliance of government & corporate power to the detriment of our social compact. These ten reasons are sufficient in scope to unite civil libertarians, third party voters, the Tea Party and Occupy Movements, minorities, as well as disaffected elements of society that are not receiving transfer payments from the government. The degree of tax revolt must be total and complete in order to force the collapse of the 704th MI Brigade and end their criminal activity. This means quite literally that all payment of their bills for salaries, utilities, maintenance of plant and equipment, and all other related payments by the federal government or others will cease, and in doing so end offensive operations. The participants will be forced into the private sector in order to feed themselves and their families and ALL support for weapons systems and infrastructure will cease. The publicly stated reasons given for the tax revolt must be other than the real one for security purposes to avoid military conflict that results in mass casualties. In order to mitigate human suffering programs will be put in place to identify those citizens without sufficient resources in the community and to preplan programs of employment and general assistance at the state level. The goal is to maintain a subsistence level of support for those persons who cannot depend upon their own resources or help from family and friends. States will be under economic hardship in their efforts to provide a minimum level of subsistence to all their citizens. The general rule of thumb at the state level will be to cut expenses and salaries to the level of 75% and then if necessary to 50% of current funding in order to divert funds to support those in extreme need. The basement level will be 75% for the first year and if necessary 50% the second year. State funding will hold the line here and make no further cuts until the federal system collapses and is reformed. The dollar is the world reserve currency and loss of this role or other permanent damage to the dollar will mean collapse of the standard of living for our people. A means of funding continued payments on interest to the national debt will be put in place prior to initiation of the tax revolt. The sale of federal assets will be used for this purpose and secondly for the continued payment of social security checks at a reduced level, dropping to75% and then 50% as necessary. Arrangements will be made to support other “humanitarian functions” of the federal system through alternative means at the state and local level. All other federal functions will be starved of funds by the tax revolt such that federal employment ceases to pay employees and the bureaucracy is forced into the private sector literally in order to survive. The private sector shall avoid mass layoffs of employees and instead implement a uniform strategy that begins by salary reductions to 75% at the end of the first year if necessary and 50% salary at the end of the second year only if and when absolutely necessary. If the private sector begins a strategy of mass layoffs from the beginning then the tax revolt will fail. Only by maintaining current levels of employment and reducing pay in a gradual and systematic manner (if absolutely necessary) will the tax revolt succeed. Those private businesses that “cheat” by beginning mass layoffs or pay cuts from the outset shall be penalized by collective boycott of the purchase of their products and services by all concerned citizens. These are drastic measures that are bound to cause tremendous suffering and hardship for millions of our citizens and are only undertaken in a last ditch effort to save our freedom. Tax payers are advised to pay all other taxes besides federal taxes. States are advised to withhold all payment of fees and other monies to the federal system. The basic strategy is to collectively refuse cooperation. The IRS will attempt to prosecute individuals and private institutions to force payment of taxes. This will be a campaign of intimidation and brute force that will include the seizure of assets in banks and other fairly liquid assets the federal system can use to maintain itself. Some people will go to jail for nonpayment or be ruined financially by the IRS but if the majority of tax payers and businesses refuse cooperation then these tactics will fail, even if the IRS begins wholesale to seize money in bank accounts they will still fail to maintain functionality. Individuals and businesses are advised to place their tax payments aside and keep the monies separate from their other funds to be used to support state and local government, themselves in time of need, or to eventually pay some of the money as tax after the federal system collapses and reforms. It is important to emphasize that the federal government will not completely cease to exist and that state and local government will continue to exercise administrative and police powers. It is important to state that millions of people will be forced into a survival mode for several years, but that chaos will not take hold and that the federal system will return. Federal employees will state publicly that chaos and collapse will happen. The fear of the unknown will be invoked in an effort to frighten and intimidate citizens into continuing to support the federal system with their taxes and labor. It is human nature to fall prey to this argument of, “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know”. The stakes involved are the preservation of our Republic and the rule of law under the Constitution, and all sacrifices to this end are justified, including the defiance of all such entreaties and threats by federal employees to the contrary. Do not be frightened or intimidated into cooperation with and support of the federal system until such time that illegal activity ceases and the all clear is given, demonstrated by the public release of information of this criminal activity and the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators. The time frame for initiation of the tax revolt should be when it is clear that the primary plan has failed, and when the hardship of economic pain on citizens will be the easiest to bear. The primary plan will have succeeded or failed by spring of 2013 and the secondary plan should be put into place no later than early summer of 2013. The current date to begin PLAN B shall be April 15, and will begin by all concerned American citizens withholding federal income tax and will include payroll taxes due on April 30th. The tax revolt will continue until the ultimate goal is achieved. This leverage will also be used to implement domestic political reforms and international agreements that make a repeat of these types of crimes less likely to occur ever again. Marshall Thomas 10/25/12

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