Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Explanation of Hate Speech 6pgs

Explanation Speech: I want to apologize for the hate filled angry rant. I found it disgusting and terribly frightening. I’m especially sorry for the children who heard it and were possibly damaged by it. It is too much to ask for forgiveness, I understand that. I only ask that you try to understand where these awful statements came from, and why they were made. In 1995 I was teaching ESL, English as a second language, and while traveling to Central America during spring break I became sick. I had surgery to remove a tumor but didn’t recover. I developed an autoimmune disease where my own body was attacking itself. My immune system was destroying the myelin sheath, the tissues that are insulation for the nerves and the white matter of the brain. If you strip the insulation off of electrical wires they don’t work so well. This was the same principle. For years I felt like something was eating away my central nervous system. In nature a wasp will lay its eggs on the back of a caterpillar. When the eggs hatch, they eat the caterpillar alive, saving the brain and central nervous system for last. This description captures how I felt during my illness. At times it felt as if I was being eaten alive. After five years of slow deterioration I reached a point where I thought I might die or become mentally destroyed. At one point I was unable to sleep for six months. I would pass out for 2 or 3 hours, but never really rest. If a human being goes without REM sleep for 3-4 days they begin to exhibit symptoms of mental illness, seeing and hearing things. Normal light and sound caused me intense pain. So I sat in a chair in the dark with my eyes rolled back in my head for months, and it took nearly a year to recover from the worst of it. Trying to watch TV or listen to music overwhelmed my ability to take it in and understand it. The images and words were coming at me too fast to be understood. My time sense broke down and while sitting in that chair it seemed that 15 minutes had passed, and when I looked at my watch four hours had gone by. During these episodes I swung back and forth between suicidal depression and anger. Intense anger turned inward leads to suicide; anger turned outward leads to murder. I was saying things out loud like, “I wish I was dead” and “If you had any guts you would kill yourself”. I was saying these things spontaneously and it felt as if someone else were speaking, not me. I felt like I was going to die, or commit suicide to end my suffering. I was having a physical and emotional breakdown due to a neurological condition. A wasting away of my central nervous system. At the end of one angry rant while on the phone with a friend I came out of it as if in a dream state and asked him how long I had been speaking and what I had been saying. He told me I had been ranting for 30-40 minutes and said yes it was an angry, hate filled, diatribe. My friend of five years never called again. Eventually after much effort, a doctor gave me medication, 5-10 milligrams of Elavil, and I was gradually able to sleep again. My illness has put me through incredible suffering that I don’t even know how to describe. It lasted for years and almost cost me my life. At one point I rapidly lost over 60 pounds and weighed 120 pounds. My parents thought I was going to die and convinced me to move back home to recover. I can only say that I don’t hate anyone. I can honestly say without guilt or reservation that is not how I have behaved or lived my life. From the age of six I played sports at the Boy’s Club with African American kids where I was the minority. I have by choice lived in racially mixed neighborhoods when I could have easily lived in places surrounded by my own race. In my late twenties I quit my job at NASA and taught ESL, English as a second language. I was very idealistic about the American experiment of a multicultural society, and I wanted to change the world. I moved into a Hispanic neighborhood and immersed myself in Spanish. My kids at school came from Mexico, El Salvador, Korea, Vietnam, all over the world. When I travel I go to places like Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, not Canada. I have dated women from every conceivable ethnic heritage. My first roommate after high school was African American. I have lived on the northeast side of Houston where I was often the only Caucasian in stores or on the street. It is easy to live surrounded by your own race but I’ve often lived in proximity to other races out of choice. I was having a breakdown due to a medical condition, a neurological condition and I can say without reservation that I don’t hate anyone. I’ve made my share of mistakes and bad decisions in life, but the only person I’ve ever really hurt was myself. I apologize if I seem unemotional, but for years now I have witnessed the torture of some of the finest human beings I have ever known. I have witnessed the torture of women and children in their own homes. People like the D’Souza family in Sacramento, California and the Jesus Mendoza family in Mission, Texas. These political activists and whistleblowers have tried to make the world a better place. They fought segregation, demonstrated against the Vietnam War; they reported illegal activity in powerful government agencies and corporations. Their struggle to make a better world has landed them on a hit list and now they are being used as human guinea pigs to perfect classified anti-personnel weapons. Theirs is a fate worse than death itself. I have watched them suffer endless torture for years. I am not without feeling; it is simply that at times I feel that I have no more tears left. The charges I’ve made against alleged criminals in Army intelligence are the most serious charges ever made and I do not make them lightly. These are crimes against humanity and treason, crimes that carry the ultimate penalty. The outcome of this struggle will decide not just the fate of a few hundred activists, or a few thousand do-gooders, it will decide whether your lives are in the hands of desperate men armed with terrible weapons. Men who will stop at nothing to win. Men hiding behind the door of classification and national security. There will be no second chances. You must believe your own eyes and act in unison. The basic case being made has been reduced to four facts and if these facts ring true then everything else you are told doesn’t really matter. If it adds up to four, open the door. What are you going to believe, your own eyes, or what anonymous people tell you to believe? Have you ever seen such a ton of bricks fall on one man’s head? The stronger the truth the stronger the reaction against it. We are engaged in a mutual journey of discovery, like a roller coaster, it starts with a climb to a great height. A new definition of what it means to be a human being. The fact that there are virtually no limits to what human beings can accomplish. Beginnings are delicate times and the honeymoon will be short. Audio and video tapes that depict violent rages, and racist rants that discredit and humiliate. The best lies are a mixture of truth and lie welded together. Some of these things are fabricated and some are real. The best lies are a combination, a mixture of the truth and a lie welded together. The roller coaster plunges straight down, changing from Winston Churchill to Hitler overnight. Electronic warfare begins immediately with Websites and cell phones hacked into and now even the blogs and tweets might be hacked into and the messages might be coming from someone else. The press denounces the vile creature. Apologies are made and disaster might be averted. The roller coaster after plunging to the bottom now begins to rise back up, or it might not recover. This gentle listeners, is the journey we are on. The smoke screen is designed to shoot the messenger to avoid confronting the logical argument and the truth based upon the four facts. If it adds up to four, open the door. FACT ONE: EMW electromagnetic weapons like the active denial system (ADS) are public weapons. FACT TWO: The prior pattern of criminal behavior, half a million (500,000) US citizens used as guinea pigs in nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) weapons programs. Cointelpro secret government war on political activists and MKULTRA behavior modification experiments using torture to break the human mind to control it. FACT THREE: Credible witnesses who fit a common profile have testified by the hundreds. FACT FOUR: Persons of interest, alleged criminals in Army intelligence in charge of nonlethal microwave weapons development for the Army since 1980. People who have worked in places like Los Alamos National Laboratory where the atomic bomb was invented in secret. Men who have publicly expressed admiration for MKULTRA, who have expressed interest in using nonlethal weapons to “neuter people”. Some intelligence officers have advocated using ELF extremely low frequency weapons on civilians in their homes. They have moved classified weapons into the hands of local law enforcement. And as if this were not enough, they have participated in a smoke screen cover up operation. These are the facts before your very eyes. If it adds up to four, open the door. The weapons are virtually for sale online. The historical crimes are indisputable facts. The credible testimony of hundreds of witnesses who fit a common profile. And persons of interest who must be investigated. These four facts are all that is necessary for reasonable people to agree that this criminal activity is taking place, and must be stopped. If it adds up to four, open the door. To the targeted individuals suffering unspeakable torture every day, I wish to say do not become despondent when there are setbacks, there will be good days and bad days. Don’t give up, freedom will come. Evil men armed with weapons of incredible power will stop at nothing to win. They will not surrender, you must defeat them. Do not be fooled into working against each other. The truth will emerge slowly, a process that will take time. Perhaps a year or more. Remember the Agriculture department official named Sharrod, who gave a speech that was offensive, but when the entire video was made public the truth was, that she was talking about her personal journey, and she was anything but racist. I am asking people not to make up their minds right away because of information they are not getting, information that will change their minds, so please do not immediately come to any final conclusions. This roller coaster is not for the faint of heart but by the end of the chaotic ride we will accomplish what we set out to do. It is imperative that we not only end this secret dirty war being waged by military intelligence, but we must make sure that the conditions that make such a war possible never occur again. This means that besides stopping a new arms race in directed energy weapons and getting the whole truth, we must rethink the idea of fortress America. To ensure we keep our Republic we must shift away from wars without end, away from depending upon military superiority alone, to keep us safe. The American people must hold a conversation. We must decide to change the world as we know it. More military spending on weapons of increasing power is a road that leads nowhere. The answer I am advocating is a new collective security agreement and a new scientific and humanitarian initiative to displace military spending as the driving force in the world of economics and politics. We must set out to gradually engineer a more peaceful world to make the world safe for Democracy instead of depending upon fortress America to keep us safe. This is a conversation we must have to decide what path the people wish to take. The path of endless war leads to more crimes against humanity, and a thousand years of darkness. America defends freedom, and if that light goes out in endless war and decay the new century will be lost, and the last best hope of the human race will die. The world is waiting for our leadership and it is time we lead them, not to a Utopia, but to a better future. The greatness of America and Western Civilization is not in her military might, but in her ideals. We can and will win the peace. I’m an ordinary person who has been blessed with an ability that I feel has been given to me to serve humanity. Our lives are uncertain. We never really get answers to the important questions about life. Where did we come from, why are we here, where are we going. The uncertainty we feel in the randomness of the universe makes us search for meaning and feel as if we cannot find it. We will all eventually die. Everyone we know will eventually die and in time it will be as if we had never existed. This understandably fills us with feelings of insignificance and fear of the unknown. Take heart for death is not the end. Take heart for life and every moment is infused with meaning. All of life emanates from God and in time returns, like a drop of water that falls into the ocean, must someday return to the clouds. When we die our personality and all that we call ourselves are destroyed, cast off as we cast off our bodies and only the core being, the force that emanates from within us is indestructible. Each of us has a part of God within us. All living things are part of this force that in death is summoned back to the source, like a salmon that returns from the sea. We are not our personalities, possessions, or our belief systems. We are all at our core, indestructible, eternal, destined to become a part of that infinity we call God. Perhaps it is the task of a few to make the journey for the many. And so I have made the journey like Gilgamesh, Prometheus, Beowulf, and Jack in the Bean Stalk, I have made the journey and return bearing gifts to share with people everywhere. Joseph Campbell taught me that the hero’s journey is not a battle with the external forces, but a battle within the self, slaying the monsters of the mind. These mythological heroes from the past battled symbolic monsters and opened the way to another world. The stories of their departure, struggle, and return are merely symbolic stories, and the real story was a battle and journey of the mind. I bring a new definition of what it means to be a human being, and a new value on human life. There are virtually no limits to Humanities capacity for understanding. There are virtually no limits on what human beings can accomplish. I bring a new certainty in the existence of God, and the love our God possesses for every single human life. This interpretation of my experience may sound foolish, just as anyone who speaks of mystical truth and a mystical journey sounds foolish in the cold light of day. If there are those who scoff at my message I am not troubled. If our roles were reversed I would find the story of this journey hard to believe as well. Never-the-less, I have been to the mountain top, I have seen the face of God, and I have seen the path to that loving God. God is infinite and everywhere, not in a metaphysical sense, but in a very real sense. God is a miraculous force, real energy and a presence that stretches throughout the universe. God is not a human personality, but a presence and a force, that when experienced, is like an ecstatic vision, outside of time and space, affecting every particle of matter, perhaps holding up the very fabric of time and space. God is thus everywhere and nowhere, that most mystical and frustrating of answers. The journey has taught me that God does indeed possess infinite love for humanity, and it has also taught me that we are all deserving of that love that neither time nor space can encompass. If it pleases the creator of all things, then let it be recorded that we rose to the challenge of our age, slew the worst demons of our own human nature that threatened to destroy us, and began a new age of peace on earth that poets and statesmen have dreamed of for centuries. If it adds up to four, open the door. God bless all here, and God speed on our new path. Marshall Gregory Thomas

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