Monday, August 20, 2012

Dangerous opportunity

Final terms and military operation.... In order to avoid a mass casualty event the following terms are offered to military intelligence perpetrators. All officers and men are allowed to enter witness protection and be given enough money that they will no longer need to work to support themselves. The top commander will be subject to five years detention without open trial, then released to witness protection on the same terms..... The current standoff is a draw that portends more casualties and few immediate results. The use of a high risk high reward strategy is advised. Make the offer above and schedule a military operation to disarm the perpetrators. On Saturday, August 25, 2012 the designated forces shall move on the bases, individuals, and locations at approximately 0400 to secure the nation from further attacks. The president will signal the go code by giving a speech that contains the phrase, "When in the course of human events". The go code will allow secretary of defense to choose the EXACT time the operation will commence, and he will give the final order on or about Saturday, August 25th, at 0400. It is our hope that the perpetrators will take this chance to avoid further violence. If not, then mass casualties will probably result, arguably in a manner that was unavoidable, if not inevitable. Any blame or fault lies with this party in that regard. Marshall Thomas 8/18/12.... National authority may choose to avoid the potential worst case scenario. I suggest that the roll out on 8/25/12 instead consist of one person, who gives a speech that details the outlines of the conflict and attempts to rally nonviolent opposition among our people. I volunteer to make the speech and attempt to rally mass opposition to the perpetrators. If the mass movement fails to achieve a breakout then the above scenario of military resistance will again proceed on the same terms approximately five months later on MARCH 13, 2013 using the same methodology and timing. 8/27/12 The current timeline suggested for moving into the public sphere with information assets is 9/3/12, on or before noon EST if possible. In the event of hostilities state, local, and national authorities should implement FEMA management plans in areas near the bases mentioned, and in other affected areas. Civilians should be evacuated if their movements will not hamper operations, which take priority. This coordination includes that for moving large military forces into target areas and APB for all personalities who must be taken into custody. Once the base at HHC (Fort Meade) is secured by friendly forces the hostile operations shall be turned to protect friendly forces and to confront and or neutralize other hostile elements using advanced technology from the HHC location and other bases that have been neutralized as threats. If friendly forces sustain casualties that make their mission doubtful, then all necessary force is authorized for the bases in question, including missiles from sea and air. The hostile locations that include antennae complexes and hostile communications nodes are cleared for destruction at the first sign of open hostilities and attacks upon civilians, military personnel, and national leadership. Marshall Thomas

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