Monday, October 14, 2013

Anonymous donations to aid victims

Anonymous donations can be made online to Monarch 501 C 3 or me using these Bitcoin addresses and using the Tor browser with the latest Firefox edition. These transactions are the only private financial transactions left except face to face cash transactions. Download the TOR with the new FIREFOX browser and use a Bitcoin service such as http://MTGOX.COM or http://COINBASE.COM to send Bitcoin currency to one of these secure addresses: 1FpQgTo3GVbtdtUeNSwt8TiH76QiopAgLM (50/50) 15ZoXAjSwq5nArugmo7AovT69QjVzeyCNC (Monarch) 18FGM7JZ2psQGuXV42QaWdiLGbNRCoEqXq (me) It is possible to verify the transaction went through using the Bitcoin service wallet. This is the preferred method to use in order to avoid the kind of problems experienced by WikiLeaks when trying to use Paypal and credit card donation mechanisms. These addresses are secure from all forms of electronic interference. Anyone can see the account balance, but without the KEY one can only make deposits to the account. All funds will be dedicated to aiding the victims and exposing the truth. Thank you on behalf of the victims of non-lethal weapons and organized stalking Marshall Thomas 10/13/13

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